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About Catriona

Catriona O'Sullivan is from Edinburgh, Scotland. Often found travelling, or in art galleries, watching obscure films, or accidentally burning the popcorn. Catriona roughly identifies roughly as an artist & writer. 
Catriona studied BA (Hons) Liberal Arts & Sciences in Maastricht, The Netherlands and majored in Philosophy, Culture and Society - with a particular interest in Philosophy of Language, Politics, Gender Studies and Visual Culture.
She has a keen interest in art and design in the media, and has been working up her art, journalism, radio & film folio in London, at Royal Holloway - University of London (studying BA (Hons) Film, Television & Digital Production), as well as short art courses at The University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins), & The Slade School of Fine Art - part of University College London (UCL). 
In her final year at Royal Holloway - she specialised in documentary and political cinema, and was selected for the Royal Holloway Global Leadership Programme and Kathleen Nixon AwardCatriona was also selected that year for the Queen's Young Leaders: Transforming Hidden Talent - a Media Trust mentorship programme (with a mentor from the Discovery Channel), as well as being selected for the Whisper Films Royal Holloway Mentorship - the Broadcast & Diversity pathway, and the Student Publication Association's mentorship scheme (with a mentor from London Live TV channel).

Catriona is currently working as an Online Communications and Marketing Officer at Take One Action Films part-time in Edinburgh, and looking for her next project.
Her interests lie in language & film, French New Wave, Women's Cinema, community creative projects, documentary, print layout design, comment journalism and arts presenting for radio & TV.

Catriona wrote for The Independent Newspaper student section and The i Paper, in her first year at Royal Holloway, and had articles published in The Guardian student bloggers section.
As well as that, Catriona has had articles in an array of student and national publications from student newspaper The Founder and Politics Made Public in the UK, and Observant, and Maastricht Blogging Students in The Netherlands (you can see a selection on her press page). 
She was recently editor of The Orbital student magazine (you can see an issue she edited here), and was also a correspondent for The Designer Index blog, so you can see her contributions here if you are interested.

Film /Television:
Having had experience on productions for the BBC and ITV as a runner, as a logger, and in the art & design departments, Catriona was involved with several arts-related film projects both within and outwith her university course- predominantly film installation, art direction, and documentary.
As well as this, she presented content for London Art TV.
She has contributed content to / presented for Summerhall TV and Writerstories TV in 2014 and 2015, interviewing authors at the Edinburgh International Book Festival which you can see here.
As well as this, she created a series of promotional films for a gig that she organised as part of her role as a student brand ambassador of The i Paper / The Independent. You can see them here.
Catriona was Head of Outreach for student TV station Rhubarb TV  2015-16, and Head of Training 2016-17. She presented, produced and directed the new 'The One Show' style magazine show called The Crumble, as well as coordinating and interviewing the musicians that come onto campus as part of Coffee House Sessions . She was selected of the ITV Insight Pool and was the London Regional Officer 2016-17 for the National Student Television Association (NaSTA).

Catriona presented / produced The Arts Show and Live Lounge Sessions for Insanity Radio, one of the only student radio stations in the UK with an FM licence. She was Head of Online Content 2015-16, and helped to re-vamp the website, and started up the Instagram account.  At the moment she is a 'Work Experience Reviewer' on-air for 'Hipster things' on Talk Radio in London. In the future she will be working on the official Glastonbury Festival radio station - Worthy FM - in the UK.

So that's the 'formal' about bit done with.


I'm Catriona, or Trina or really whatever you like as long as it's not Catty.

I hope you find some of the things on here interesting.

I like art and philosophy and films and politics and food and travelling - so most of the stuff on here will be about those things, although I will occasionally write about things that border on kitsch. 

A few facts:

- My father is Irish (from around Limerick) , my mother is from Aberdeen in Scotland and I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland.

- I usually think in colours.

- Coffee can usually be used as a bribe to get me to go anywhere.

- I love old stuff.

- I want to be more 'outdoors-y' ( but often get put off by the rain and want to cuddle indoors with a book). Rain on skin is a nice feeling however.

- I play the clarsach (a small celtic harp). I am NOT the posh angelic type.

- I am a strong human rights activist and keen politics follower (also my parents met at Amnesty International, which I think is quite cool).

- I am partly named after the novel 'Catriona' which was Robert Louis Stevensons' follow-up to 'Kidnapped'. (He's also the guy who wrote 'Treasure Island'.)
In 'Catriona' - she travels to the Netherlands, which I only discovered after I started living in the Netherlands. In a strange twist of fate, I also found out at one point when I was working at the Edinburgh Printmakers Studio - that one of the printing presses there, was the one used to print the first edition of 'Treasure Island'.

- I want to learn as many languages as possible. Right now I want to learn Icelandic.

- I secretly often need a cup of tea and a Harry Potter audio-book read by Stephen Fry to get me to sleep at night (and now, well... it's not so secret - but anyway, you should try it.).

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 - Catriona


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